In today’s complex and competitive business landscape, we simplify the monitoring and management of your WAN infrastructure. Leave it to the experts at the VertexPlus Network Operations Center (NOC). We have experienced engineers and automated monitoring tools with the monitoring and management of network infrastructure.

As a managed service provider, we take up, end-to-end accountability and ownership which lowers your risk. We pride ourselves on ensuring consistent end-to-end network availability based on quickly detecting and effectively mitigating incidents. Monitoring and management are around-the-clock and each account has a dedicated single point of contact.

NOC - Functionalities

VertexPlus NOC provides monitoring services in the following areas

  • Monitoring of the IT infrastructure
  • Monitoring of operating systems
  • Monitoring of application platforms

Monitoring systems used at Vertex Network Operations Center allow analysis of the work of such elements as

  • Servers, UNIX / Linux / Windows
  • Workstations, UNIX / Linux / Windows
  • Network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.)
  • Elements of the operating system

NOC - Benefits

  • Single point of contact makes communication easier and more efficient for the customer
  • 24x7 monitoring of the availability and performance of infrastructure
  • Allows the client's IT staff to focus on other more important activities / projects
  • Provides complete information of IT infrastructure performance and enables proactive localization and removal of bottlenecks
  • Provides complete reports (monthly and quarterly) on the reliability and stability of the system
  • Functional costs of IT become predictable
  • Comprehensive control of the IT environment that allows to make strategic decisions


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