Service of monitoring

Service of monitoring

Service Monitoring is an important method to increase productivity by keeping a track of everything as data centers deal with various complexities. It helps clients to understand the smart strategic areas of the system resource and usage with capacity planning to provide a better end-user experience. The process is configured to generate various alerts for mission-critical services.

A large number of operational tasks are performed and is collected as a part of the service delivery and monitoring. The business requires this service to provide information such as:

  • What has happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Which action should be initiated?
  • Proper resolution

VertexPlus provides customers with complete knowledge about how an application performs, availability and efficiency of various elements of their IT infrastructure, operating systems, network monitoring solutions, along with server monitoring service, and web server monitoring. Service of monitoring incorporates with the web reports, and status of the service information which can be recorded in the VertexPlus database. You can access the following information via these web reports:

  • Status of services provided on a computer
  • Current status of services in various computers
  • Status of history on various computers
  • Service uptime statistics

Some of the prime benefits of monitoring services for proper evaluation and analysis of the entire application are:

  • Providing full visibility to physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures to support critical services in modern IT companies
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Identifying the in-depth causes of low performance rapidly
  • Enhancing the use of hardware service of the company
  • Preventing threats for complete safety
  • Minimizing the time of resolution
  • Ensuring proper functioning of the systems

Following services are essential for business and application monitoring services:

  • Network monitoring solutions
  • Server monitoring service
  • Web server monitoring
  • System-level monitoring

Why choose VertexPlus for Monitoring services?

VertexPlus plays a major role in contributing to and maintaining a healthy IT infrastructure. Our services go beyond providing monitoring services to every client. Not only we become their strategic partners but also help them identify the best solution suited for their business needs. We provide:

  • Flexible solutions
  • Smart supervising
  • Application/Database monitoring
  • Strategic reports

Our service also allows a great and enhanced view into your IT infrastructure enabling your monitoring solution to understand resiliency and ensuring better service/operational availability. We are dedicated to providing the best service you will ever experience.

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