Server Support

Server Support

In today’s era, everybody is looking for a customized server management solution in which performance, security and other operation related processes can be reviewed and analyzed. The control of an organization over server infrastructure is substantial to meet the growing business demands, to manage business growth, to diminish costs, to boost network and application service levels and for installing new technologies and applications rapidly and efficiently. Regulating servers and processes results to lower costs through economies of scale.

Thus, at VertexPlus – a prominent server support company, we put together a powerful server infrastructure for our clients that support their operational, product and business needs. Our server support and process set us apart from the competition!

Why you should choose our Server Support Service:

We understand that if your server goes down, the business suffers. Therefore, our offerings begin with quick identification of the area of needs and rectify it on time to reduce the downtime. Our highly trained technicians keep an eye on server 24x7x365 to make sure the smooth process of operations. Moreover, our server establishes a highly secure server environment and also reduces the total cost of ownership of an enterprise.

Besides server management, our server support company provides server support services to guarantee that your business’ PC runs productively and dependably. Our server support solutions start by concentrating on server well-being. On the off chance that your server goes down, at that point your whole PC network is affected. Server health requires a proactive approach that tends to up time, accessibility, security, and business continuity.

At our Server Support Company, our experts ensure that your computer networks are secure and that you receive the highest levels of server maintenance. Your business requisites will be fulfilled effectively on time with our uninterrupted server assistance and support.

Our Server monitoring and support service include:

  • 24×7 Server Monitoring with Human Response
  • Server Security Hardening & Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring & Log Analysis
  • In addition to monitoring server and service update, we also observe server performance and analyze logs to analyze poor performance
  • Proactive Security Updates/Patching
  • We update Operating System, Web Server, Control Panel and Database software
  • Firewall installation and management
  • Backup configuration
  • 3rd Party Software installation by request
  • Periodic Security audit

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