VertexPlus Virtualization-VPN Services

VertexPlus Virtualization-VPN Services

VertexPlus virtualization solution comprises various server virtualization products, cloud management software, and disaster recovery and backup software, along with System Operation Insight (SOI) software. It is a process where client operating systems are run under a host with the help of hypervisor which helps to run multiple client operating systems. We use various software especially dedicated to it such as VMware, VBox, XenServer, ESXi. Likewise, a single physical server can host many virtual machines that can be either servers or desktops.

Our VPN service providers help in virtualizing hardware resources, along with managing both virtualized and hardware resources to provide basic backup and disaster recovery. Apart from this, they also manage heterogeneous resource pools, along with lightweight operation, cloud services, infrastructure visualization, performance management, and other capabilities.

Modern virtualization has appliances like firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches, proxy servers, IPS/IDS, WAF, etc. Client VMs (virtual machines) do not have direct access to the hardware. It is presented to the VMs through the hypervisor.

Types of virtualization that we provide as VPN service provider:

  • Network Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization

Why virtualization and VPN services are needed?

It is scalable and easy to use and the main advantage is security, low costs, AUT, redundancy, and fast to deploy and rebuild. Just like virtualization, VPN also secretly connects to network devices which helps to protect the network traffic from attackers or hackers. Our VPN services access your computer devices (or mobile devices) from a remote location to cooperate network, which helps you with more features at a higher level. Most companies use a site to site VPN between branch offices and headquarters.

VertexPlus servers with strong and powerful architecture technology offer technologies to help merge systems, optimize resource utilization which helps in improving IT flexibility and responsiveness. It mainly involves planning for, deploying, and managing virtual resources which enables network administrators to combine multiple VPN tunnels across two or more WAN links in order speed up communications between various sites, reduce congestion, and improve redundancy along with the reliability of existing connectivity.

Following are benefits of our VPN service:


  • Improving server utilization and O&M (operations and management) efficiency
  • Enhanced hardware utilization
  • Quick application deployment and highly efficient O&M
  • Complete service migration capability

Security and Reliability

  • Enhanced security of customer services and application data
  • Default HA capability for management nodes.
  • Complete disaster recovery and backup solution.
  • Full-disk data encryption ensuring user data security.

High Performance

  • Excellent virtualization performance
  • Superior virtualization platform
  • Providing performance comparable to physical servers

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